Connect Groups




A Connect Group is a group of people who weekly gather around the study of God’s Word. 

Connect Groups are designed to connect us with God and to connect us to other people. We build strong relationships through our Connect Groups and learn to minister to those whom we both know and are yet to reach. Jesus taught that the greatest commandment is to love the Lord our God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength, and to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Connect Groups provide a launching point for both.

 Ages 6th grade through seniors all study the same section of scripture each week, covering the entire Bible within nine years. You will receive a balanced diet of God’s Word in your Connect Group. The Books of the Bible are not covered chronologically, to insure that we are nether in the Old or New Testament for a protracted period of time. We will rotate back and forth in order to keep a balance. Younger students will cover the major topics of the Bible within a three year rotation, and preschoolers have a very different type of class, yet still rooted in the Word of God.

 Classes are age graded birth through College, but adult classes are intergenerational for the most part, though many do tend to have a general age span. You are free to attend where ever you like. Visit as many as you like in order to find a good fit. Our teachers have many different communication styles, and personalities, but all of our teaching will be rooted in the text of scripture. Some classes serve either men or women, but not both, in order to create a more focused class. If you have a question when you arrive, please visit our Guest Services counter for direction, and classroom locations.

 You will find a warm welcome, new friends, fellowship, upcoming information, and encouragement from the Word of God when you attend a Connect Group. Come connect with us!